I’ve removed the personal information and other conventional CV items, but I do give a more detailed story about each stop in my life.

After you read my resume you should head to some of my FEM projects so you can get a better understanding of what kind of work I do on my own and get an impression of my English.

However, remember that almost all of what I’ve produced in my portfolio was self-taught and you can expect this kind of curiosity and motivation to learn after you hire me

[Education] 04.2017-Present – German language courses
Location: Frankfurt am Main

  • Self-teaching of the German language up to level B1 from various sources
  • Participation in integration and language course B1.1 from 08.2017

[Experience] 11.2016-08.2017 – CAD, CFD, and structural analyses

  • Classical and comparative studies of fluid problems

[Experience] 05.2015-09.2016 – R&D Engineer Intern
Subject: Allison emittance scanner
Location: Nuclear research facility in Soreq
Duration: 16 months

  • In charge of the research and development process of a world-first design for an Allison emittance scanner
  • Designed a miniature device that withstands extreme heat flux
  • Concept to manufacturing process with extensive numerical calculations of fluid flow and heat transfer
  • Composed a comprehensive bachelor thesis about the project
  • Pending publication in an engineering journal

[Education] 10.2012-09.2016 – B.a in Mechanical Engineering

Location: Jerusalem College of Engineering

  • Specialization in Mechanics of Solids
  • Seasoned in frontal presentations
  • Senior design project with a grade of 97 by the school
  • Experienced in engineering reports and lab reports

[Experience] 02.2016-08.2016 – Heat transfer and flow Laboratory teacher assistant
Location: Jerusalem College of Engineering

  • Successfully guided, oversaw activities and taught 3rd-year students the theoretical and practical processes regarding thermodynamics, flow mechanics, and heat transfer
  • Provided feedback on an individual basis to embolden struggling students and promoted excellence among promising students
  • Took lead of the instructor team in terms of organization, grade assigning and monitoring Laboratory activities

[Experience] 11.2015-08.2016 – Student tutor volunteer
Location: Jerusalem College of Engineering

  • Successfully guided first-year students to their goal of finishing the first year of university
  • Provided useful tools and insights about learning, and advancing in the academic world

[Education] 05.2012 – 08.2012 – University Preparation courses

  • Calculus, Algebra, and math courses + tests
  • Physics courses + tests

[Travel] 20.2.2012 – 19.5.2012 – Trip in Germany

[Experience] 31.12.2010-10.02.2012 – PC Technician
Location: KSP Computers, Jerusalem

  • Customer relations representative, Met assembly deadlines and hardware technical solutions
  • Promoted to manager after a short period, leading a team of three, overseeing activities on all types of activities in the shop
  • Experience with inventory cataloging, and over a year with SAP

[Experience] 09.2010 – 12.2010 – Small minimum wage job

[Travel] 08.2010-09.2010 – Trip to Germany

[Education] 03.2010 – 08.2010 – University acceptance test
Location: Jerusalem

  • Studying and preparation for the University acceptance standard test

[Experience] 03.2007 – 03.2010 – Tank Commander in the IDF

  • Leadership skills, often responsible for dozen of crew members
  • Ability to remain calm under stress
  • Achieving high complexity tasks as a team
  • Mechanically inclined individual, most of the time spent in these 3 years was spent maintaining machines mechanically in order to ensure their longevity of life
  • Seasoned team member as both a leader and a follower

[Education] 07.2006 – 03.2007 – Finishing A levels in music and preparation for the mandatory army service

[Education]  09.1994 – 06.2006 – 12 years of education

  • 5 Credits of English
  • 3 Credits in Math
  • 5 Credits in Biology
  • 5 Credits in Music