Why you should hire me

I want to start by noting that I’m sharing a lot of details about my professional aspirations and past with you, you should not take it with a grain of salt because I do not boast about my skills and virtues, I’m giving you an inside look at myself as a candidate. One of the most important values to me is Transparency, I do not overestimate myself before you and I expect your company to be true towards me as well.


Why me

If your company is looking for someone who is:

  • Hard working
  • Intellectually curious
  • Learns fast
  • Mechanically inclined
  • A Junior but also Seasoned and experienced
  • Has great Potential
  • Experienced in leadership

Then you should probably contact me

There are many different people applying for the positions in your company, I know that, but I would argue I’m a better fit. For what I lack in experience I make up for with my curiosity and my ability to learn on my own, this statement would be meaningless without actual results. I have been learning German since April 2017, mostly on my own and achieved the B1 certificate early in November. In just 4 months I have studied to between B1 and B2 from external resources.

During my degree, I received no ANSYS training, but after reading a bit about the program and its capabilities I quickly realized that I must be a proficient ANSYS user. That was when I went on a 2-year journey to learn ANSYS from Tutorials and resources I could find online and offline. I even revised older problems I solved with SolidWorks to handle ANSYS better. I also got into a Finite Element Method as a result of dealing with so much 2D and 3D modeling and simulations (some of these you can check out in the “posts” section of my page)

Now let’s talk soft skills, I have developed and honed these throughout the years, these skills are valuable for any team I will be a member of. I believe in healthy communication with my colleagues and transparency in my work. I am a strong believer In collaboration for the interest of the company. During my service as a tank commander, I have developed a sense of responsibility that serves as an internal compass and guides me to perform any task to the best of my ability. I’m open-minded and can accept input from my colleagues without letting ego intervene – this is another highly valued trait of team members.

While my senior design project may seem like it didn’t provide me the tools you deem worthy I want to take a minute to convince you otherwise. At its heart the project I’ve completed called for an innovative solution to a problem of a diagnostic nature. I worked on the concept and the detailed design of a heat exchanger-emittance scanner integrated device that is 50 by 30 [mm] but withstands high heat flux (1.4 [kW/cm2]) and is designed to operate in a high vacuum environment. During the project, I’ve done tremendous amounts of self-learning of particle dynamics, Heat transfer subjects, 2D statistical distributions and others. Some of the people working around me even said the project is a bit too much for a bachelor thesis.

Who I am

I graduated as a mechanical engineer with a specialization in solid mechanics. I have been living in Frankfurt since October 2016 and I would like to build my professional future here in Germany. I come from Israel (diversity points for your company) and I’m 29 years old. Even though I live in Frankfurt I will be willing to relocate if the position is interesting enough.

Since November 2017 I have been working for a small German company specializing in the Vacuum chamber industry, specifically coating processes, mostly for the solar cells market (but not only)

During my years in university, I was particularly interested in courses such as Thermodynamics, Statics, Strength of materials, Mechanical design, Machine part design, Heat transfer, and Tribology. I have always tried to integrate CAD (SolidWorks) into my classes, I would often model problems from textbooks into SolidWorks to better understand and to get a better feel for the problem. Comprehension is a big part of problem-solving, and this is exactly why I’m a curious person who always likes to analyze and think mechanisms and systems through. I like coming up with explanations to the world around me or reading other people’s take on matters.

In Israel, much like the German Wehrpflicht, men are enlisted to the army at 18 to do the compulsory military service which is 3 years long. I have served as a tank commander in the IDF. In very short, that means I have been maintaining a heavy machine 24/7, but more importantly, I already acquired managerial experience and was responsible for 3 other people. This helps me see the needs of my manager and the needs of the system and not only focus on myself. A lot of employees lack this broad sense view in their workplace, and this is a problem for some departments. Another personality trait I have developed is work ethics and capacity for hard work, the integrity and teamwork have become an inherent part of my professional life. Not to mention some of the missions of a tank crew are highly complex and require rigorous training and trust between the inhabitants of the tank.

Contact me and we can talk about the position you want to offer me